What Our Customers Think

  • ​" I am very excited to say I refer Terri & Kat of 'You Had Me at Hello' every chance I get! Staging is so important now as we are competing with what is being shown on HGTV. This has raised prospective buyers awareness of what a home should look like when they walk into a home to possibly purchase. I have hired Terri & Kat on many occasions and we have a very good working relationship with them!"

    Tanya Smythe SMYTHE & CO. REAL ESTATE www.SmytheRealEstate.com
  • “I was planning a large party at my Condo, and wanted it to look beautiful and “Elegant.” I contacted You Had Me At Hello... they came in and de-cluttered and Re-Designed it EXACTLY the way I wanted it! I enjoyed the party knowing that all the guests enjoyed the elegance of my home!

    – Manilla Hughes, Owner of The Grill Bar Franklin, IN
  • “My Home had been on the market for 6 months. When You Had Me At Hello came in, they magically transformed the place by de-cluttering, organizing, and modernizing. They Re-Designed it into a Lovely Lake House Retreat! After Staging… my home sold so quickly within just a few weeks!”

    -Katie, Home Owner Princess Lakes, IN